Successful for more than 40 years - the story continues.

  • 2018

    Founding of Daetwyler Rotoflex Turkey in Izmir

  • 2017

    Takeover of Rotoflex AG by Daetwyler SwissTec AG Bleienbach. Start of internationalization with projects in selected countries.

  • 2016

    Cooperation with Daetwyler SwissTec in Russia to sell doctor blades

  • 2015

    Rotoflex AG celebrates its 40-year JUBILEE. Become a part of our history as well! Contact us. We are always glad to be there for you.

  • 2013

    6 new company values are introduced. To show our values, we do not produce glossy paper, but ensure their daily implementation by value-oriented company management, trainings and workshops.

    A new, fully automated washing machine for efficiently cleaning pots in production is procured. Workplace burdens on staff due to solvent vapors are reduced to a minimum, due to the closed cleaning cycle.

  • 2012

    Time for joy! The production and laboratory staff get new clothes. The wear fulfills the intensified regulations regarding fire safety, electrical conductivity, and chemical protection.


    Expansion of the sales team: Field services in Northern Germany, Technical Internal Services, and Product Management.

  • 2011

    Following intensive planning, the entire ventilation system is renovated, and the project of a thermally regenerative incineration system is implemented. This investment ensures better energy efficiency and a better environment.

    Founding of a business department for the expanded product portfolio of safety and high-level security.

  • 2010






    Management buy-out by the administrative board and the board of managing directors.





    Rotoflex AG gives itself a new Corporate Identity.




    On the occasion of the new CI and the new ownership conditions, a worthy feast is celebrated with our customers and business partners at Sagi Oberwil.

  • 2008

    Expansion of production capacity with an expanded bead mill.







    "Open house": The rebuilding of Rotoflex AG after the fire is suitably dedicated and celebrated with all of our staff as well as customers, business partners and media representatives.






    Introduction of the new ERP system "GUS-OS". All processes, and particularly the entire value creation chain, management and supporting processes are guided through the system. The production process becomes safer and more efficient.

  • 2006/07

    Rebuilding of destroyed and damaged buildings. Expansion of the company with new warehouse rooms. New construction of the nitrocellulose bunker. The development laboratory is moved, greatly enlarged, and newly furnished. Safety is state of the art.

    Founding of the Russian branch with a warehouse and sales organization in Moscow in April 2007.

  • 2005

    The blackest day in the history of the company Rotoflex. The majority of the company is destroyed by fire, and damaged by rust and extinguishing water. No humans suffer harm. Only 3 months later, production resumes in temporary halls.

  • 2002

    Installation of a dosing station with 60 tanks to hold concentrates, inks, varnishes and additives.

  • 1993/94

    The single-story company building receives a second floor. The new floor contains the administration and the fully modernized development laboratory.







    Rotoflex AG receives new production rooms and additional warehouse rooms. Procurement of modern facilities for container and barrel cleaning, and for recycling solvents.

  • 1979

    Move to the new building in Lebernstrasse 40 in the Eastern industrial zone in Grenchen.

  • 1975

    Founding of Rotoflex AG in Grenchen. Production starts in rented facilities in a varnish factory, near the present-day location.




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