We share the planet - we do our duty and bear responsibility.


As a company and employer, we assume responsibility for sustainable management. This applies to our products, the entire production process, our customers, our staff, and future generations. The guidelines are the fight against corruption, as well as labor standards, human rights and environmental protection. We fully take the ecological, economic and societal consequences into account - for we want to be a good employer, partner and neighbor.

For us, sustainable production means producing products with processes which are economically feasible and minimize negative effects on the environment, saving energy and natural resources, and being a secure partner for staff, customers and end consumers. Close cooperation with our suppliers guarantees responsible practices for the entire supply chain. We trust in continuous improvements, well trained and responsible staff, and the most modern technology.









Occupational safety is the top priority in production. The principles are trained processes, order and cleanliness, and a standardized assessment of every workplace regarding possible hazards. High-performance exhaust systems ensure air with a low solvent content in production. Our staff are equipped with work wear of the newest generation in terms of protection against chemicals, fire and conductivity. Regular trainings in handling machines and chemicals are standardized measures. In this way, we protect employee health in handling machines and chemicals. At the Grenchen location, we trust in the protection of the most modern technology and suitable measures to reduce fire and explosion hazards. A thoroughly trained fire extinguishing group provides additional safety until external forces arrive. Sinking accident figures show that our engagement pays off.

Our goal is the best possible protection for the environment. A task which is never complete. We work with closed circuits. A regenerative incineration facility for solvents ensures clean air for the environment. The produced waste is strictly separated and recycled as far as possible. Transports are optimized with the transport partner to avoid unnecessary driving. With the annual “Bike to Work” event, our staff members contribute to CO2 reduction.





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