Our values already contribute to the selection of new employees so that the right person in the right position can actively contribute to our joint success. Experience and quality are the basis, openness and creativity the key to the joint success of ROTOFLEX AG and its stakeholders. The ROTOFLEX corporate values in detail:

The customer is at the centre.

  • Our ink and coating systems are important building blocks for the production of innovative food packaging and safety applications.
  • We consistently meet the highest demands of the professional at the press in terms of quality and service.
  • Maximum customer satisfaction is our benchmark.

We seek and celebrate joint success.

  • We stand by our customers as partners with the aim of achieving joint success and sustainable growth.
  • We create added value thanks to universal colour series/lacquers and solutions that precisely meet customer needs.
  • We work profit-oriented and let our employees share in the success we have achieved.

We live rotoflexibility.

  • We see and use the challenges of our customers as our opportunities.
  • We advise and support the customer on site and join forces to find the optimal customer-specific application.
  • We decide quickly and offer a hand for fast, unbureaucratic help.

Our cooperation is characterised by honesty and appreciation.

  • Only as a team do we achieve our goals.
  • We admit mistakes and creatively search for solutions.
  • Consistently high quality, transparency and security in all processes are the result.

We take responsibility.

  • We delegate competencies to our employees, encourage personal initiative and expect a sense of responsibility at all levels.
  • We attach importance to the greatest possible occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • We earn and appreciate the trust of our financial backers, business partners and the authorities.

Our future begins today.

  • With experience, openness and creativity, we ensure our future success.
  • We spread our knowledge over several shoulders.
  • As a leading trainer of paint and varnish laboratory technicians, we contribute to the creation and preservation of jobs in Switzerland.